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Tamasailau's Dimple Secret

"There's Just Something About Dimples"

See how we gave our newborns cheek dimples gently & lovingly so you too can give your next baby or grand baby adorable cheek dimples!


Ever wished you had dimples? Do you wish you could give your next baby dimples?  Well, you can!
See how we gave our newborns facial cheek dimples with an EASY "Step by Step" system!



Tamasailau is our mother & grandmother who shared with our family THE DIMPLE SECRET.  Her Polynesian family, the Fuimaonos from Samoa, knew and used this secret.  I too didn't believe until....

Features & Benefits

  • Giving our newborns facial cheek dimples was as easy as 1-2-3, so come & see!
  • Be one of the first to know about "THE DIMPLE SECRET" from polynesia!
  • Everyone loves DIMPLES and wants to have them! Now's your chance for your newborn!
  • THE DIMPLE SECRET is done GENTLY, SOFTLY & LOVINGLY on newborns without surgery!
Tamasailau's Dimple Secret

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Tamasailau's Dimple Secret

St. George UT 84790

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