Benefit From My Embarrassment And Stop Living
A Life Of Quiet Sexual Depression

Are you frustrated that your sex life is not everything that you dreamed it would be?
Do you secretly wish for more passion, variety and frequency of the sex in your marriage?
Have you started to believe that it's too late for you and your spouse to know what it is like to experience 'real, exciting' sex?
Do either of you struggle with low sex desire? Has it been a long time since anything truly amazing happened in your bedroom?
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Sex was created by God to be an exciting, intense
and frequent part of every Christian marriage.

I wrote this book after overcoming my own frustrations with my sexual skills and performance because I wanted to help other Christian men to experience sex and God intended...full of passion, joy and pleasure.


It is written specifically for Christian husbands - to show them how to make the sex in their marriages a relationship strength instead of a glaring relationship weakness.


I poured my heart and soul into creating this book for you. It took (now) years of research and thousands of dollars to create this one-of-a-kind book just for Christian men.


Although there are many other "sex advice" books available , I believe that you will find this book to be exactly what you are looking for.

Here Is Just A Taste Of What You Will Discover

How to banish premature ejaculation - Discover the simple, easy and fast techniques for complete control of your erections and orgasms.


How to eliminate "quick" erections - Gain the confidence and peace of mind that you can only get from knowing that you are capable of maintaining your erections...indefinitely.


How to become a multi-orgasmic male - It is a little-known fact that most men have the ability to have multiple orgasms within a relatively short period of matter your age.


How to increase the duration of your orgasms - Did you know that the average duration of the male orgasm is less than ten seconds? When you discover the physiological secrets to increasing the duration of your orgasms, you will double or triple the duration of your orgasms.


How to supercharge the pleasure and intensity of your orgasms - Don't settle for "ordinary" pleasure or orgasms. Experience the earth-shaking, mind-blowing and body-refreshing sensations "whole body" orgasms produce.


How to maximize the hardness of your erections - Nothing will make you feel more "like a man" than being able to maintain long-lasting, rock-hard erections.


How to produce a completely different and little-known type of orgasm - Some men describe this type of orgasm as more intense than any other. Most men don't realize that this type of orgasm even exists.

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